Wednesday 21 March 2007

Let's Snow

[Cheltenham] - I know it only nearly snowed the other day, but it took me back to what it was like. Now we get sun/rain/hail on the same day.What has the world come to?

Thursday 8 March 2007

The winner is...

[London] The Football League Award, sponsored by 4-4-2 magazine; what a show. What a bar bill. Top stuff.

Sunday 4 March 2007


[Cheltenham] In one of the town's newest bars; based in an old church; has plenty of blasphemous (wow, i spelt that right!) images like this glittery cross. Once again my phone inserts the wrong amount of blur. Bring on my upgrade!

Sunday 18 February 2007

Green Park

[London] Finally my Samsung e900 comes into its own with a great pic from the underground. The calmness of the trains, the rush of the platforms. Well done Samsung... at last.

Friday 9 February 2007

Orange Clogs?

Would anyone really wear these if they were over the age of 6? I can't really see the appeal, but judging by the sheet behind them; they are good for you. As much as I love the colour orange; no thanks!

Monday 5 February 2007

Police Line Up

[Shell - Cheltenham] The garage after-hours service window; a great place for late fags or a Ginsters Pasty. This looks more like a police line up. I like the way my phone blurred the photo without me even asking it to.

Sunday 4 February 2007

My Day Is Made

[Work] Tomorrow I start my new position as E-Marketing Executive. It's got a massive change, except for the money! This pic was taken when I was in Internet Sales; back in the day. I can't wait to start the new challenge.

Thursday 1 February 2007

Either Get It Right, Or Don't Bother

[Cheltenham] If you can't get the damb headline right, then don't bother 'HELP US SAVE TO HOLST'S BIRTHPLACE'. How can you get this wrong? Its on the cover!?

Monday 29 January 2007

Why Pay For a Room?

[M4 - Cardiff] - Such a lovely sunny day, why bother paying for a room when you can lay on the newly-mown grass? Jody did. And fairplay to him.

Sunday 28 January 2007

Tot & Ham

[Work] Its always nice to hold something in your hands that many people would love to have. This is a Tottenham Football Club signed football. Some of the players wrote their shirt number next to their signature so that you know who they are!

Thursday 25 January 2007

Note On Your Life!

[Newchurch, IOW] - Simple fun, fold a bank note and make a relative look like The Queen. Steady hand needed, and a phone that takes a photo instantly to reduce blurring. Not an E900 then.

Wednesday 24 January 2007

[Drayton Manor] - All those windy rails; 1 hour queue time; 20 second ride. Did I bother? 3 times says yes.

Tuesday 23 January 2007

Pizza Please

[Cardiff] When you're drunk, everything seems like a good idea; like in that advert where the guy falls off the scaffolding. Bottom line: bad idea. I guess that is a bit worse than wearing a burger bag on your head.

Monday 22 January 2007

In..... One!

[home] Kicking off my new blog is my snap of one of the best quiz shows of all time... Bullseye. As much as I wanted a crisp image of Bully, my e900's delay managed to cock this right up. Check out the retro N64 pads in the bottom corner - Goldeneye ahoy!