Friday 9 February 2007

Orange Clogs?

Would anyone really wear these if they were over the age of 6? I can't really see the appeal, but judging by the sheet behind them; they are good for you. As much as I love the colour orange; no thanks!

Monday 5 February 2007

Police Line Up

[Shell - Cheltenham] The garage after-hours service window; a great place for late fags or a Ginsters Pasty. This looks more like a police line up. I like the way my phone blurred the photo without me even asking it to.

Sunday 4 February 2007

My Day Is Made

[Work] Tomorrow I start my new position as E-Marketing Executive. It's got a massive change, except for the money! This pic was taken when I was in Internet Sales; back in the day. I can't wait to start the new challenge.